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U.S. Immigration Attorneys with a
     Hawaiian Islands perspective


MigrationCounsel is based on a simple idea: we concentrate on immigration law services only, aggressively invest in information technologies to improve efficiency, and commit to effective information-sharing with our clients. This way, we can deliver better legal services, reduce the uncertainly of the immigration process, and bring top quality immigration assistance into an affordable price framework.


  • We commit to being accessible to our clients, and will provide quick responses to your inquiries, usually within 24 hours.
  • We know that the Immigration system is complex and often confusing: we will take the time to be sure you understand the process from beginning to end.
  • We will use the power of technology to work better, faster and more efficiently.
  • Efficiency allows us to control the cost of legal services so we can provide flat fee rates and reduce the uncertainty of hourly billing.
  • We believe that we are smarter together, so letís collaborate!